Sample Pack

Sample our top-selling sustainable packaging products and get 20% off your next purchase.


So you'd like to see some Better Packaging... Here's a sample pack for you containing an assortment of our different types of packaging.

POLLAST!C Poly Mailers Sand Subject to availability
Blush Subject to availability
Sage Subject to availability
Blush Subject to availability
Tomato Subject to availability
Compostable Mailers
Black Dirt Bag L
POLLAST!C Poly Garment Bags Standard XS
Better Safe M
Compostable Poly Bags Better Safe S
Standard L
Glassine Garment Bag - Subject to availability
ØPACK Mailers - S
Compostable Bubble Mailers - S
Compostable Hygiene Liners Blush -
Compostable Shipping Labels - Rolls
QR code 100 X 150 MM
POLLAST!C Shipping Document Pouches - S
Bamboo Envelopes - S
POLLAST!C Ziplock Bags - M


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